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Our passion is your online event or conference
During a time where we try to travel less to reduce our carbon footprint but also the personal risk and effort involved in traveling, online events and conferences are an increasingly interesting alternative.
But it requires a lot of work, knowledge and experience.
That is where we come in to help you.
Together we decide what the best option or scenario is for you and your organization.
There is an increasing number of options when it comes to online or virtual events.
We group those offerings into summits, conferences and Virtual Reality experiences. Specific options further down.
Virtual Summit
Best used for knowledge events with a number of expert speakers and some interaction between participants.
Online Conference
Best used for significant interaction and involement of sponsors, booths and more.
Further down you find a short video that provides a good overview.
Virtual Reality Experience
Virtual Reality offers more and more options and opportunitites for events. Let's discuss if that is a fit!
Individual Solutions
Depending on your needs, we can work together on a bespoke approach to support you.
Specific Options
We have defined three different types.
Option 1
Online Event
  • Internal and external events and meetings with limited number of attendees.
  • Half day to one day event. Stage and networking. Platform. Project Management.
  • Optional: Chat Bot Moderation (MC) VR
  • Starting 1.997 EUR (plus VAT)
Option 2
Online Conference
  • Larger conferences with expo and roundtables and networking options.
  • Up to three days including expo booths. Use of platform with all elements. Project Management.
  • Optional: Chat Bot Moderation (MC) Virtual option (campus) VR
  • Starting 5.997 EUR (plus VAT)
Option 3
Virtual Summit
  • Very large events with focus on consumption
  • Design, set-up, briefing, traffic management, registration and operating of virtual summit.
  • Optional: Chat Bot Moderation (MC) Virtual option (campus) VR
  • Starting 9.997 EUR (plus VAT)
Our Experiences
We have run quite a few virtual summits on everything from entrepreneurship, health, nutrition, fintech career and more.
Based on our experiences, I wrote the book "The Virtual Summit Formula" available on Amazon.
Virtual Summit Formula
Based on our first virtual events or summits with thousands of happy participants, I wrote this book on how to run a virtual summit.
Gut Summit
Thousands of participants took part at the Gut Summit where we covered a range of health and wellbeing related to the gut. It was a global coverage.
Vegan Lifestyle Summit
Here we invited some of the leading experts on platbased diets with thousands of participants.
Online Conference Overview
Watch this brief video that demonstrates the elements of an online conference based on the Hopin platform.
It simulates a physical event with elements like stage, round-tables, networking and expo area.
How we work
A close collaboration is a key success factor. We are here for you whenever you need us.
Easy-to-work with
One of our key values is an easy-to-work with attitude. We don't have to be right and we put you at the forefront of everything we do.
As geeks at heart, we love testing new things and new technologies. And there is so much happening. But we do that in sync with you and where it is appropriate.
Our Team
Our team has extensive digital, online but also business experience to create the outcome you want.
Customer Service
UX Expert
What our clients are saying
“Without Michael’s help I wouldn’t have been able to create a professional, slick and amazing summit to attract the speakers that I had! They were always on point to resolve any issues and without them I wouldn’t have been able to put on a show quite like what we managed together.”
Richard Phu
Summit Host
Easy to work with
Michael was one of the easiest people on our team. He was at every meeting - online, offline, Skype. He was also always offering new innovative ways how to do things.
Caroline Shaw
CEO Global Success Events
Great List Builider
"Working with Michael was a great decision... our summit went very well, we secured a great
selection of guests, made 5 figures in revenue and built a great list.. I would suggest if you want to
build your brand and business fast then you work with him"
Chris Duncan
Summit Host
Frequently Asked Questions
Have a look if you already find an answer!
What is the timeline
The timeline for the event or conference depends mainly on the size (number of speakers) and required time to do the marketing. For a regular summit with 20 to 30 speakers over two days, we suggest to assume three months preparation.
What kind of online events can I do?
The use of online events and conference is extremely wide.
Start with the well-known conferences with thousands of participants and maybe dozens of speakers. Take smaller company events, events for your suppliers or customers or partners. You can also do department events when you have a global team.
And with VR, the possibilities go even further because you can showcase things in an even more realistic manner.
How much tech is needed?
This also depends on the type of event or conference and how much is done in-house.
You have "low tech" options availalble that can be realized relatively quickly. And then you can have extensive use of technology like live-streaming technology to various platforms and more. We will discuss this during our call.
How do I get started?
Let's jump on a call and discuss your situation and your needs. Based on that, we can make a recommendation and a proposal.
We are using an integrated project management tool, so you have always a complete overview along the journey.