Do you also want to realise the benefits of Automation and AI for your business?
AI. Automation. Adaptation. We support medium-sized businesses to realise the benefits in the form of more efficient processes, reduction of cost and identification of new revenue sources. We leverage our human-centric approach. Along your value chain, we can support you!
Utilising the opportunities provided by Automation and AI requires a human-centric approach that works hand-in-hand with the technology.
We help you along the value chain from understanding the topics to assessing where you are through to implementation, execution and maintenance.
"It was a pleasure to work with Michael and his team." Sanjeev Roy
Michael Alf
Alf Global Services CEO
Advisory and Execution
We do not believe in "paper-ware" but we are passionate about working with you and your teams to make things happen (of course based on good concepts)!
Focused on Medium-Sized Businesses
We focus our efforts on medium-sized businesses because they often lack the bandwith but have the biggest opportunities.
Unique Delivery Approach
Combining top end project management with an efficient nearshore team out of Portugal is at the core of our support to help you succeed.
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Training šŸš€
Generative AI, AI and other concepts are the new foundational skills. Whilst playing around and testing them is a good start, to really harness the power, requires a solid understanding on every level. We can support you with:
  • Standardised Trainings on GenAI, Metaverse in combination with Leadership
  • Tailored Trainings for your business depending on your requirements. Those trainings are based on our own executive experience and executive education background.
Consulting / Advisory šŸ’»
Without proper planning, you cannot start a pilot or an implementation. We help you along the way with our advisory services:
  • Reach out to discuss your situation, so we can determine together the best approach.
  • Join our 12-weeks program where we guide you through the process of implementing AI and Automation. The program includes a number of workshops that help you to get ahead quickly. Get in touch to discuss.
  • Are you looking for someone to join your board with the right background. We are selective and decide togehter after our call. Reach out to us.
  • If you require something specific for your business, we can offer tailored advisory or consulting. Please reach out to discuss.
Piloting āœØ
It has never been easier to get started. And still, you want to get the pilot right. You might have limited resources and you want to rely on someone who has done that a few times before. Here is how we can help:
  • Creation of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) - usually No-Code / Low-Code based to accelerate the progress
  • Development of Bots for your business
Implementation āš’ļø
The strategy is developed, the pilot has proven the value and you want to get started now.
Here is how we can help:
  • Bespoke Development if you need a unique solution. This requires a proper assessment and we create a proposal as the foundation. Reach out to us.
  • Staff Augmentation - sometimes you only need good people to complement your excellent in-house team. Reach out to discuss.
  • We are working on a unique development subscription model that will bring down your cost. Express your interest by reaching out.
Maintenance šŸ–„ļø
Once everything is up and running, it is important to maintain your systems.
With our global delivery model including support in your timezone, we can support in various ways:
  • Operating systems we have developed with you
  • Take-over of systems that are already in-house and that you want to run more efficient or with higher quality
  • Staff augmentation for your existing team
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What our customers say
We have supported our clients in various ways and formats - almost always in a digital context.
Silke Siegel
It is great working with Michael. He is very client orientated and a creative thinker to find the right solutions. I really enjoyed working with him. Thank you, Michael
James Wright
I met Michael whilst putting together the largest graduate careers fair in Australia during covid - virtually. He was knowledgeable and challenged our brief to deliver a better outcome with professionalism and became a friend in the process. A pleasure to work with.
Bernie Kelly
Michael has been a long term innovator and business leader who I have known and respected for a decade. Now he is leading the way in his coaching in terms of adapting and thriving in the Digital Age.